Tackling illiteracy through libraries in Asia

“My parents are farmers. They don’t know how to read and write,” said 10-year-old Thinley Pelzom, from rural Bhutan. Growing up in this extremely remote Himalayan Kingdom, access to education is limited for villagers like her: 36% of public schools are not accessible by road, and around half of Bhutanese adults are illiterate. On Sept….

Arial View of Detroit, Michigan

Growing Women’s Leadership and Entrepreneurial Abilities in Greater Detroit

As part of the Collaborative Group, I lead a mission to “bring together the intellectual capital of [southeast Michigan’s] top talent to foster. . . prosperity in the region.” Growing the leadership and entrepreneurial abilities for women is an essential component of achieving our mission and the revitalization of Detroit. The greater Detroit area has…

A media year of violence against women: Where are the solutions?

2013 has been a year rife with the stories in the media of violence against women: from gang rape in India, to the plight of Malala Yousafzai, to female infanticide in China. Gender inequities are particularly pervasive in South Asia: of the world’s 493 million illiterate women, half live in South Asia. The region will see…


“Breaking Stereotypes: Strategies for Success” – by Mamatha Chamarthi

Empowering women is not a “woman’s” cause, nor a “social” cause. While aiding the empowerment of women indeed benefits women, it ultimately benefits the global business community. Empowering women to reach for and attain positions of influence in the workforce recognizes the value of diversity. Therefore, empowering women is an economic cause. Women today are…